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Guy's Cliffe.. An ancient place steeped in history, steeped in lore, a place of springs, caverns and of forgotten rites.

Christianity comes here with scant fanfare in the 5th century but it is by Guy of Warwick's deeds that this place arrives in legend. Its chapel by desire of King Henry V arises in the 15th Century.. it stands near alone, but not for long, the reformation brings about a large Tudor residence and Still house to accompany it.

The succeeding 1750's Greatheed house and other works formalise the site and the dramas inherent with the life of a country mansion begin.

Its latter ownership by the Heber-Percy family sees the bulk of the house given over to be a Red Cross VAD Hospital through The Great War.

Later during the Second World War it is leased out as a Boys Home by the Waifs and Strays Society, ironically after the war its own battles through neglect and fire began.. they were lost and it became a romantic,

partial ruin.

All is not gone though and this mystical, old place still lures, still enthrals and has yet more to offer...

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